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We help automate business processes by implementing IT solutions

From invoice processing automation to streamlining data entry, BPA allows for faster, more accurate outputs enterprise-wide.

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    Our Complete Range of Business Process Automation Services

    • Operations Automation Management Services
      Maximize staffing usage through resource planning, reduce turnaround time, eliminate inefficiency and errors by using the best business process automation tools
    • Human Resource Management Automation
      Improve organizational efficiency with intuitive engagement systems and re-engineer several existing processes and improve decision-making.
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      Finance and Administration Automation
      Integrate automated business processes to enable seamless, end-to-end management of predefined Finance and Automation process transactions.


    • Build Deeper Connections
      Uses connections to make it easy for you to access your data while building flows, including connections to over 100 other platforms.
    • Robotic Process Automation
      RPA includes Bots that can be trained to carry out manual tasks, like copying and pasting, or extracting information from a file using RPA.
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      Secure Your Business Data
      We put the power to quickly and easily create end-to-end secure solutions, into your employees hands with industry leading protection.
    Our Solutions

    Fast and Error-Free Business Processes

    SKYNET CORP Technology helps you leverage technologies to redesign the way you work by streamlining your core business processes into simplified automated systems. We have a broad portfolio of BPA capabilities to support your digital transformation journey through automation and help you stand out in today’s market.

    Business Process Automation

    A business progresses on the performance of its people, processes and technology. With time, people and technology keep changing that’s why it becomes indispensable to maintain consistency across processes. To enable this process-driven approach, our BPA services simplify and redefine your workflow that in turn improves efficiency and productivity in business processes across your organization. We ensure that you not only get better business insights and smooth workflows but we also strive to enhance security and reliability while optimizing process-related costs.

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      BPA –Planning (Process Review)
      Our team of experts conducts a meticulous root-cause analysis of your business workflow to identify processes that need improvement and automation. This understanding helps us in redefining workflows, recommending the areas (Target Processes) for automation and forward automation approach.
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      BPA- Strategy (Process Redesign)
      Depending on the complexity of business processes that need to be improved, We recommends the precise scope of required automation. Using the best practices including Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis and UX mapping, we critically examine all the pros and cons before recommending the proposed solution.

    Automation Advisory

    While our experts carefully identify the problem areas and mark the processes that need to be automated, our Automation Advisory service helps you to select and roll out the best suitable automation solution from the following options:

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      Process Automation
      When business processes are complex, SKYNET CORP Technology recommend infinitely powerful Process Automation that includes robust documentation and management of team tasks through a common, central workflow involving the least manual efforts.
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      Integration Automation
      If your business processes involve too many repetitive tasks, Integration automation is a relevant option that can help you in using your existing infrastructure to simulate additional manpower for handling most of the repetitive tasks.

    The benefits of using business processes automation

    Very often, automation of business processes integrates various technologies, concepts and approaches. When implementing digital transformation, it’s worth looking for a partner who takes a broad view of it and is able to link a deep understanding of business with technologies that help with making changes in the company.

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    Saving your employees' time

    Thanks to automation of repetitive tasks, your employees will no longer devote time to ineffective work.

    pattern recognition

    Reduction in Cost

    It is estimated that implementing business processes automation can reduce costs by 25 - 60 %


    Increase in Productivity

    Thanks to automation, processes work faster and their effectiveness can be measured

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    Error Reduction

    Automation reduces the number of potential errors and, by extension, error costs.

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    Increase of employee satisfaction

    Reducing mundane and repetitive tasks can truly influence your employees' satisfaction from the work done.


    Better Customer Care

    Thanks to automation, company processes become consistent, which makes cooperation with both clients and people working with them better.

    How we work

    Streamline and automate your business processes

    We support our clients at different phases of digital transformation, starting from the current state analysis, through carrying out a plan, to keeping a long-term support
    How we work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Business Process Automation (BPA) or Business Automation as it is commonly known, is the method of eliminating manual, repetitive organizational processes and irrelevant human intervention through the use of automation tools. It is also called Digital Process Automation. A part of the digital transformation strategies, BPA helps in making organizational workflows more efficient and productive.

    Examples of BPA are everywhere around us and sometimes we use BPA tools without even realizing it. Say you are aiming to streamline and integrate further efficiency in your customer management system to build effective CX. Banking on automation, we can create a new CRM system which in integrated with every relevant information about your customers – right from onboarding to their project specifications, from information about resources working on the project to updates about the status of development.

    Contact management and documentation: All relevant information will be readily available to your customer relationship executives on an interface which would equip them with relevant data when speaking to the client’s representatives. Multiple resources will be able to access the client information parallelly and have updates on resolutions provided previously to the client.

    Lead Management: Email queries, webforms, and other lead capture tools are leveraged to analyze, track and nurture leads into clients. Sales teams can use this to devise conversion strategies, and tailor correspondence on the basis of the lead’s activity.

    CRM Reporting: Another way the sales teams can leverage sales data to track sales progress and make smart decisions.

    Live Chat: AI driven Chat bots or live chats will be designed to direct concerns to relevant departments or resolve simple queries. These can even set up meetings and calls directly from the chat.

    Automated processes are not just cost efficient but can also save your precious time from unnecessary hassles and errors.

    Majorly Business Process Automation can be classified into four broad categories:

    • HR Automation
    • Process Automation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Accounting Automation

    However, you can trust us with developing any kind bespoke automation capabilities.

    Following are the steps for BPA:

    Strategy, Design and Blueprint, Prototype development and testing, Feedback integration, Monitor and track performance metrics, Optimize fresh solutions.

    The benefits of BPA can be listed down as below:

    • Cost and time efficiency
    • Reducing errors and building efficiency
    • Increasing consistency and reducing risk
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Promote employee satisfaction and development

    While both are automation technologies, RPA and BPA have a thin line difference. RPA or Robotic Process Automation build software programs, bots to be specific to mimic the way humans interact with software via UI to resolve repeated and high-volume tasks. These bots can log in to apps, file in data, calculate, complete tasks and even copy data between apps and workflows. These are designed to reduce strain on human resources and do not have any intelligence or decision-making capability unless combined with AI or ML.

    BPA on the other hand automates workflows to eliminate manual errors made in human intervention. It is used to automate complex, multistep business processes that are part of the organization’s core biz functions.